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-EST. 2023-

Wilson's Family Farm

USDA Organic Certification in progress  /  Pasture Raised Poultry  /   Farm to Table Fruits and Veggies

Site is currently in development, please be patient 

Contact Bob or Leslie at (816) 405-4985 

or to join the CSA or pre-order  broilers today!

Vegetable Stand

CSA Membership

Join our subscription program

Community Kitchen Garden


Come See Us!

We conduct farm tours on an appointment basis, and stay tuned for our Farmer's Market schedule


100% Pasture Raised Broiler Chickens

100% Pasture Raised Turkey

Our Food Philosophy 

We believe everyone deserves access to wholesome, home grown food that is free from commercial impacts. We strive to only bring food to our customers that we ourselves would eat! We treat our livestock like family, and our produce like God's gift to mankind. 



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